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Collections has always been hard. Now, you can make it smart. Billtrust Collections empowers collectors with smart tools that prevent delinquencies, increase transparency and help collectors maintain best practices. Nurture your entire receivables portfolio and maximize your results.

Improve collections management

Empower collectors to provide great customer service, extending their reach with automated email contacts to ensure they’re nurturing the entire account portfolio.

Accomplish more with smart workflows

Our collections software implements best-in-class policies to keep everyone on track with daily task lists — and, customers receive a more consistent experience with managed contacts.

Leverage smart dispute handling

Easily track invoice dispute details for quicker solves, pause contacts during investigations and record partial payments to keep cash flowing.

Right account. Right time. Right order.

Prescribed collections policies

Billtrust performs an in-depth audit and recommends best-in-class collections policies that managers can implement across their department.

Detailed reporting

Managers and collectors alike get better insight into their work with reports on daily tasks completed, and overall effectiveness of collection activities.

Prioritized worklists

Generate smart daily task lists to guide collector activities based on department policies and factors like date of last contact, promises-to-pay and dispute status.

Detailed contact history

Make dispute handling, delinquency warnings and promise-to-pay follow ups easier to manage with detailed contact histories on every account.

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Billtrust helps you solve collections prioritization challenges intelligently. Let’s chat about what smart collections software can do for your business.