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Read our Billtrust Connectivity Service Guide to learn how to simplify and eliminate e-invoicing complexity.

For growing businesses, e-invoicing is no longer a choice.

International businesses face increasing pressure from buyers and national tax authorities to exchange structured e-invoice data rather than traditional paper and PDF invoices. The exchange of these structured e-invoice data files occurs through a variety of different B2B or B2G channels and networks, each with their own set of requirements. Consequently, managing daily operations and ensuring a smooth cash flow becomes more complex for organizations.

How can Billtrust help?

Your Billtrust team is standing by to help. Building connections to B2B and B2G invoice networks is often difficult and time consuming. Contact our sales team by filling out the form on the right to learn how we can help you simplify and eliminate unnecessary complexity.

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Learn how Billtrust’s Connectivity Service can eliminate unnecessary complexity across B2B & B2G invoice networks.