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Billtrust enables distributors to reduce AR costs and accelerate order-to-cash processes through fast, customizable solutions.

Minimize operating redundancies.

Our automated invoicing and payments platform reduces billing-related manual work and costs, allowing you to reallocate internal resources to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Reduce DSO.

Billtrust solutions help identify, resolve and expedite short pays and disputes, enabling you to collect on outstanding accounts faster.

Standardize payments efficiency.

With Billtrust, you can centralize and standardize payments across your entire business. The result? Improved internal efficiencies, cash flow and payment accuracy.

How leading distributors use Billtrust for invoicing and payments success

Customer Success

Behler-Young Company

After moving away from in-house billing, Behler-Young decreased time spent on payment applications while improving customer satisfaction.

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In payment applications

Customer satisfaction

Customer Success


Discover how the medical distributor captured $110,000 in annual savings with BPN from Billtrust.

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Annual savings

2.9% to 2.1%
Card processing rate drop

Aspen Equipment

See what Ferguson has to say about Billtrust

AR resources for Distribution

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White Paper

White paper

[Distribution] Weathering the perfect storm

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Tip sheet

[Distribution] AR automation cuts costs while providing flexibility for customers

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