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Executive Team

sunil rajasekar billtrust ceo

Chief Executive Officer

Sunil Rajasekar

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Robert Purcell headshot

Chief Financial Officer

Robert Purcell

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Billtrust Chief Information Officer, Joseph Eng smiling at camera

Chief Information Officer

Joe Eng

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Billtrust Chief Talent Officer, Jeanne O'Connor looking at camera

Chief Talent Officer

Jeanne O’Connor

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Billtrust Chief Product Officer, Greg Hanson

Chief Product Officer

Greg Hanson

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Aimie Killeen headshot

Chief Legal Officer

Aimie Killeen

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EVP of Customer Success, Steve Lindeman

Chief Customer Officer

Steve Lindeman

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Grant Johnson Headshot

Chief Marketing Officer

Grant Johnson

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Photo of SVP of Sales, Jay Johnson

Chief Sales Officer

Jay Johnson

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Company Leaders

SVP of Technology Operations, Farai Alleyne

SVP, Technology Operations

Farai Alleyne

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Photo of SVP of Professional Services and Consulting, Christy Green

SVP, Professional Services & Consulting

Christy Green

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Photo of SVP of Finance, Andrew Herning

SVP, Finance

Andrew Herning

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Photo of SVP Chief Information Security Officer, Ken Hehl

SVP, Chief Information Security Officer

Ken Hehl

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Marco Eeman headshot

Managing Director, Europe

Marco Eeman

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Photo of SVP Chief Compliance Officer, Jennifer Showers

SVP, Chief Compliance Officer

Jennifer Showers

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Ron Resavy headshot

SVP, Customer Support

Ron Resavy

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Photo of Billtrust SVP of Engineering, John Kane

SVP, Engineering

John Kane

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Photo of Billtrust SVP of Sales Operations, Erik Van Dillen

SVP, Sales Operations

Erik Van Dillen

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Photo of Billtrust SVP and General Manager of Business Payments Network, Nick Babinsky

SVP, Channel and Partnerships

Nick Babinsky

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SVP, Head of Investor Relations

John T. Williams

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