AR automation cuts costs while providing flexibility for customers

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Automating accounts receivable is a win-win for your bottom line and for your customers. Billtrust shows ways in which process efficiencies translates into reduced expenses and happier customers.

Leading distributors have used Billtrust solutions to improve and automate their AR processes.

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Increased operational efficiency

Costs and bandwidth associated with manual billing are reduced through automation, allowing a company’s resources to focus on strategic initiatives.

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Reduced DSO

Billtrust solutions help identify, resolve and expedite short pays and disputes, increasing contacts across the receivables portfolio. With greater insight and reach, outstanding accounts are reconciled more quickly.

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Increased customer satisfaction

Billtrust supports a 24/7, self-service portal for end-users. Portals provide multi-channel invoice delivery and payment options for your customers including new payment methods such as virtual credit cards.

Johnstone Supply Outcomes

Billtrust eInvoice Connect customer

85% Electronic Invoice Presentment


26% Customers

Paying invoices through digital portal




Customer Satisfaction

“With eInvoice Connect, we’ve seen an increase in the number of payments made and that continues to grow.”

Holly Phelps

Accounting Specialist, Johnstone Supply

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AR Automation cuts costs while providing flexibility for customers Tip Sheet Mockup
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