Unlocking the Future of eCommerce: Lessons for HVAC Distributors

On-Demand Webinar

The emergence of eCommerce as a primary driver of business for B2B brands has undoubtedly changed the nature of B2B sales. While every HVAC distributor has the right to conceal what they consider to be the secret sauce of their success, one thing that can’t be suppressed is the necessity of eCommerce in their business today and the incredible market potential it holds.

Over 80% of service providers now frequently purchase supplies online and require a streamlined process to reach you faster and easier. Industry leader Ian Williams, eCommerce Sales Manager at Billtrust and Zach Ludtke, eCommerce Product Specialist at Design Air, share how simple changes in your business processes can be a game changer for all parties to close the gap between buyers and sellers.

Webinar topics:

  • Monetizing the customer experience
  • Motivating your customers to buy-in to eCommerce
  • Understanding your window of opportunity
  • Personalizing the buyer experience through segmentation